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Tungaloy carbide insert has excellent surface finish, have high consistency
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CNMG160616RT TT7015
CNMG160616RT TT7015
Tungaloy carbide insert has excellent surface finish, have high consistency
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Shandong YiYuan E commerce Co., Ltd is one of the biggest wholesalers in China dealing with famous brands of CNC cutting tool, including SANDVIK, TAEGUTEC, MITSUBISHI, HITACHI, SUMITOMO, TUNGALOY, KORLOY, KYOCERA, OSG, LAMINA, DIJET, CARMEX, KENNAMETAL, SECO, ISCAR, DURACARB, ZCCCT, MITUTOYO, etc. 

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Seco Tools CNC tools New product empowers the development of the manufacturing industry


Offline measurement of coating and thinning area of lithium battery electrode and thickness measurement of soft package sealing edge. It is placed in the traditional coating workshop for off-line sampling inspection (usually referring to the first piece or the delivered coil tail) of the contour trend of the left and right edges of the pole piece and the gap coating head and tail, so as to avoid the scrapping of the batch thinning area; It can also be placed in the top and side sealing workshop of soft pack battery for off-line sampling inspection of edge sealing thickness and indirect judgment of sealing quality.


Regardless of the enterprise, gadget shops are seeing the want for lighter components, extra sustainability and advanced fuel efficiency. those wishes are using using higher energy and warmth resistance substances, as discovered in purifier steels and heat resistant incredible alloys (hrsas).


The following 10 years,au contraire is in complete settlement that carbide has a protracted and productive life ahead of it.


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