New product produced by Seco Tools CNC tools

2020/11/06 11:42

In 2020, Seco 2020 new products will be officially released. It is Seco's unchanging commitment to users to always adhere to technology research and development and continuously optimize solutions. In order to help manufacturers in all walks of life cope with increasingly stringent processing requirements, Seco has brought a series of innovative solutions this time. Cutting-edge technology empowers users to achieve more efficient and reliable processing and meet all processing challenges.


This time Seco brought a new QC modular interface tool holder, double-sided cyclone 16 shoulder milling cutter, Seco-CaptoTM modular tool holder, XP08 high-efficiency aluminum alloy milling cutter, universal drill 8XD and 12XD, profile milling 10 New products including 16 round blades. These new products will bring customers the best technology and tool solutions to meet specific needs, and help users achieve high-quality and high-efficiency machining.


Now, with the new double-sided cyclone blade, you can obtain excellent surface quality when roughing. The double-sided cyclone blade has a high-precision 90° entering angle, which can eliminate common surface scratches. Large positive-angle geometry can provide efficient chip removal and significantly reduce workpiece burrs, especially in steel, stainless steel, and titanium alloy parts processing applications, the maximum cutting depth can reach 15 mm during side milling. This blade can help you significantly shorten the finishing time, while at the same time lower power consumption, greatly saving single-edge costs.