The Promotion of Our Technology

2021/10/29 16:19

Offline measurement of coating and thinning area of lithium battery electrode and thickness measurement of soft package sealing edge. It is placed in the traditional coating workshop for off-line sampling inspection (usually referring to the first piece or the delivered coil tail) of the contour trend of the left and right edges of the pole piece and the gap coating head and tail, so as to avoid the scrapping of the batch thinning area; It can also be placed in the top and side sealing workshop of soft pack battery for off-line sampling inspection of edge sealing thickness and indirect judgment of sealing quality.

We has been continuously increasing R & D investment and continuously committed to technological innovation. At present, the company has established strategic cooperative relations with many famous universities and world-class laboratories, and jointly established relevant laboratories and talent training bases. The company now has tens of thousands of square meters of modern production plants. According to the ISO9001 quality control system, the company strictly controls the products in all links of incoming materials, processing process, complete machine and shipment, and is determined to create high-quality and cost-effective products and continue to create maximum value for customers.